Project XP-38N

A site dedicated to the memory of those who designed, built, flew, and
maintained the Lockheed P-38 Lightning in defense of freedom.

Project XP-38N ver. 4 models for FS2004

XP-38, P-38F-1, P-38G-13, P-38H-5, P-38J-15, F-5E-2, P-38L-5, P-38L Racer, P-38M-6, XP-38N

Do you like my models?  Have you ever felt the desire to 'thank me' with something tangible for the hours of enjoyment you've gotten from them?  If so, and if you like music, now is your chance to say 'thank you' with your wallet.  :-)  See my band's page and purchase a song or perhaps the whole album.


During the years that I actively built and updated these models, they were reviewed by major FS web sites and received several awards, including the Developer's Award and the AVSIM Freeware Gold Award.


In his tribute to FS2004, Avsim writer and award-giver Steve Cartwright said "David C. Copley is the undisputed master of designing the Lockheed P-38 Lightning for Flight Simulator. ... Everything about these FS aircraft models from Mr. Copley is very good, but the sounds (recorded from the real Glacier Girl) are absolutely delicious!"

Below are the last public release versions. My favorite is the P-38M Night Lightning, which was also the last one released before I retired from FS.

XP-38 Prototype

Version 2.0, released June 2006

P-38 "Tripled Play" (F, G, H)

Version 2.1, released January 2007

P-38 Pair (J, F-5)

Version 2.3, released January 2008

Paint kit

patch for minor visual fix (2.3.1) Mar 2019

P-38L-5 The Definitive Lightning

Version 2.4, released Dec 2007

patch for minor visual fix (2.4.1) Mar 2019

P-38L Racer

no longer available

P-38M-6 Night Lightning

Version 2.2, released February 2008

patch for minor visual fix (2.2.2) Mar 2019

XP-38N Lightning (Fictional)

Version 4.0, released Nov 2006

patch for minor bug fix (4.0.1) Nov 2006


These models were made for FS2004. Some people have been able to port them to FSX with limited success. I still claim the copyright to all copyright-able materials within, but I no longer support these models, so you're on your own. :-)

Retirement from FS

Fans have written to me asking "why did you retire from FS modeling?" There are many reasons, no one reason stands out. But here are a few:

1) I got burned out and needed a change. There were so many little idiosyncrasies in the tools and processes of FS model-making, I just got burned out trying to keep them all in my head. In other words, it became less of a hobby and almost like work. FSX was the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back.

2) My children got to an age where I needed to spend more time with them before they grew up completely and left the house.  Plus, my job became more demanding of my time.  In short, the hobby was taking too much time.

3) Quite frankly, I got tired of all the complaints. Few things are worse than sharing something you're passionate about and have spent literally hundreds of hours on only to have people look a gift horse in the mouth.


As of Oct 2016, I've sort of come out of retirement.  Just a little :-)