Project XP-38N

A site dedicated to the memory of those who designed, built, flew, and
maintained the Lockheed P-38 Lightning in defense of freedom.

About me ('dcc')

  My name is David C. Copley, and I live in Peoria, IL with my wife.  Our two daughters have left the nest and living on their own now.

I am a professional acoustical engineer for a major heavy equipment manufacturer. My professional credentials include BS & MS in Physics with emphasis in acoustics, INCE Board Certification, numerous journal & professional conference publications, 6 US patents, etc.

I am also a P-38 nut. For 10 years, from 1998 - 2008, I devoted a lot of time to researching, developing and releasing freeware P-38 models for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  In addition, I made many sound sets for various freeware and payware projects, including releases from Abacus, simTech, Classic Warbirds Design Team, SkyUnlimited, Aeroplane Heaven, Milviz and FSD.

I have since set aside that part of my P-38 hobby. Now I focus more on visiting and photographing P-38s. My dream is to fly in one (a real one that is), but until that happens my FS models will have to do.  :-)

P-38's I've seen in person

'83' McMinnville, OR
"Lizzy V" at Boeing Museum, Seattle, WA
EAA's "Marge" Oshkosh, WI
Glacier Girl visiting Oshkosh, WI
USAF Museum, Dayton, OH
"85" at Hill Air Force Museum, Ogden, UT
"Ruff Stuff" visiting Oshkosh, WI*
Unmarked undergoing restoration at Chino, CA (would become "Ruff Stuff)*
"Tangerine" Tillamook, OR
"Porky II" at Chino, CA (now called "23 Skidoo") **
"Honey Bunny" at P-38 Gathering, Sacramento, CA
"Thoughts of Midnite" at P-38 Gathering, Sacramento, CA

"Marge" at the Richard Bong Veterans Historical Center, Superior, WI

unnamed P-38J at the Smithsonian, Chantilly, VA

"23 Skidoo" at Planes of Fame, Chino, CA (former "Porky II") **

F-5 (P-38L) at Yanks Air Museum, Chino, CA 

Full sized P-38L replica at the P-38 National Association and Museum, Riverside, CA

"White 33" P-38F at National Museum of WWII Aviation in Colorado Springs, CO
 *same plane
**same plane
photos that do not not have me in them were taken by me


Other Interests

I am also a musician.  I play the organ, piano and keyboards.  I studied music at university before I eventually focused on acoustics and noise control.  I continue to pursue musical interests, composing and arranging pieces for organ, piano and keyboards.


If you'd like to contact me about Project XP-38N you may e-mail me at (replace OOO with the @).

Please include P-38 in the subject line, so my anti-spam filters will let it through.  I don't check this email too often so please be patient with my reply.