Project XP-38N

A site dedicated to the memory of those who designed, built, flew, and maintained the Lockheed P-38 Lightning in defense of freedom.


Having been active in the FlightSim community for 10 years and having maintained this site with its hundreds of photos for even longer, I receive emails asking similar things.  These are the most frequently asked questions and my responses.

Q1. Will you ever return to FS and make new models?
A1. Not Likely. 

Q2. I have made a modification to your [particular model].  May I have your permission to upload it?
A2. I generally grant permission, but please email me with the specific request.

Q3. I love your P-38 sounds.  Can I use them in (some project)?
A3. It depends on the proposed use.  I tend to be a little more favorable toward freeware projects.  Please email me the specifics.  Of all the aspects of my FS models, I am most protective of my sound sets. 

Q4. May I use [a particular photo] for [some purpose outside the normal viewin gof the photo on my site] ?
A5. My answer depends on the purpose.  Generally if it is non-profit I will grant permission.  Please email me specific requests.

Q5. May I get a high-resolution copy of [a particular photo]?
A6.  My answer depends on the purpose for the photo.  For example, if you are making a model for non-profit purposes (such as a muesuem), I may send you the high-res image in return for a photo of your project upon completion.  Please email me specific requests.